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You share a relationship as long as life with the walls that make your world. Do you dream of a perfect bathroom and kitchen made up from bits and pieces of architecture inspired by numerous vague visions? Dimora promises to paint it for real. The only limitation may be your imagination. Let it on the loose and we’ll architect your scenes.

Whether it be for a residential or a commercial space, our architects are artists motivated by your interests in interior design.

With a world-renowned reputation, we stand in Dubai and operate throughout the region of UAE. We're here to serve your proposals, fashion your designs, plan negotiations and supervise and complete projects on your behalf.


Interior Design

Kitchen space is meant to give spaceless, boundless flights to your cravings and desires to unleash flavours to experiment with, and to later, savour! It must stand beautiful at the heart of your perfect home.

Modern KitchenModern KitchenBy The Dimor Building Contracting

The place where your comfort lies and memories reside must not be a compromise. A careful, precise and well practiced craftsmanship is nearly a necessity when you wear the power to bring it in handy.

Modern HomeModern HomeBy The Dimor Building Contracting

The result of a careful and detailed study of shapes, materials and colors, all the elements that make up the Park Avenue furnishing collection show that the genius of Leonardo da Vinci still lives in our land.

Modern BathModern BathBy The Dimor Building Contracting

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+971 (4) 425 7365
207 Citadel Tower, Business Bay, Dubai

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competitive prices. Dimora serves to please your interests by offering more value for your money with the least compromise in design.

We dare you to set foot in the world of your imagination, be reckless and steer fashion as you define it.

  • We stand to write your stories
  • Your taste is our inspiration/li>
  • We race the roads you pave



We aspire to fuel a trend, a clientele known in its fashion by Dimora.

  • We stand to bring your creativity to motion
  • Our successes are measured by your precious smiles
  • Our style is guided by how you see the world


We will do everything to satisfy our customers. This requires expertise, experience, passion, friendliness, reliability, excellent products, first class service, and affordable prices. We strive every day to live up to our philosophy.


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